About us

  –  Would you like a cup of coffee or tea?

This is how a business meeting or friendly encounter starts in the Turkish
tradition. Especially a cup of Turkish coffee, prepared with or without
sugar and served with lokum (Turkish delight) is the main facilitator of
frank and creative conversation.

As a student and international relations professional, I have enjoyed
taking part in the think tank events in many European, American and Asian
cities. In Brussels, where I have been spending the essential part of my
professional life since 2005, the rich think tank environment has always
been inspiring and refreshing for me.

The Turkish Coffee Briefings is the fruit of this experience. It aims
to add an unambitious new formula: just a short coffee break transformed
to an opportunity of exchange of views; a relaxed moment of professional
and friendly conversation in a small group around an actual topic of
European and international agenda.

Then comes the basic question:

–  How sweet do you like your coffee?

Kader Sevinç



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