Turkish Coffee Briefings: ” How innovative are the EU’s innovation policies ? “

Turkish Coffee Briefings meeting was held on the topic of “How innovative is the EU’s innovation policy? 

Turkish Coffee Briefings is a roundtable debate club in Brussels. The sessions are introduced by a guest speaker, followed by 45 minutes of exchange of views by participants. Turkish coffee and delights are served. 

The topics are selected in relation with the current European social, political and economic agenda. 

A new Turkish Coffee Briefing was held on the topic of “How innovative is the European Union’s innovation policy?”, introduced by Jeremy Fleming’s (EurActiv) presentation.
Representatives working on issues of innovation at the local level in Turkey participated as well to this meeting.
The following topics are discussed under Chatham house rules:
• Elaborating a concrete policy on innovation, difficulties of implementation and getting results.
• Aspects of innovation associated with creativity and flexibility.
• Financing innovation with public and private resources. Best practices.

The founder of the Turkish Coffee Briefings, Ms Kader Sevinç concluded the meeting , announcing new sessions on the topics of media, European Parliament and gender equality.

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Turkish Coffee Briefings Team: Lou Satre, Ezgi Toprak, Kader Sevinç, Gizem Karslı, Pınar Turan


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